2024 Regional Competitions

MA Dance conducts  Regional,  Classic competitions, and Nationals throughout the United States.

We have the most respected and prestigious competitions in America. Typically, our competitions involve from 35 to 100 teams. Categories of the Dance competition include: team & officer, jazz, hip hop, prop, novelty, military, pom, high kick, lyrical, modern, show production, open and specialty. We also have duet, trio, small ensemble, large ensemble and solo competitions.

If you are eligible for a discount by registering and paying before Dec 15th, you will receive a 10% discount
credited by our office on your invoice.  Registering for multiple MA competitions
in 2023-2024?
MA will credit your invoice with a discount of 20% off each additional contest!


MA Dance Power Competitions

This is a new solo and ensemble competition which will be based on the style of the “World of Dance” show. A live performance in front of three judges who will immediately give oral critiques to the performer/s and an immediate score. The performer/s will then proceed to the awards table to receive their MA Dance Power Olympic style medal. Only the performer, parents, and director will be allowed in the performance area. This allows for social distancing and minimum exposure to other dancers.