Officer Camp

2024 Officer Leadership Camp

June 5-7, 2024 Marriott Westchase Hotel

 Find your leadership focus with the best instructors in the industry.

Join us for learning sessions over three days including dance and leadership workshops, outstanding choreography, and individual feedback.
Your Social Officers will have an elaborate curriculum designed just for them.
The Marriott Westchase Hotel has incredible ballroom space that will allow the dancers to
 enjoy their classes with our premier dance instructors.
At MA Officer Camp you can expect:  
Incredible Choreography
Focus on Leadership Training
Professionally Trained Instructors
Individualize Critiques
Extensive Director Training
Special Event Opportunities
Grand Champion Performances
Master Class options
Free Officer T-shirt                                 
Nightly Officer Awards for:  Leadership, Technique, Precision, Attitude, Projection & Work Ethic
Link To All Curriculum Offered At Camp

2024 Officer Camp Dates, Locations, and Pricing

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Outstanding Choreography

Our staff is preparing curriculum that will serve your officers/team for the school year.

Innovative ideas

We have a wide range of curriculum to hit on all the various needs of your leadership team and you!

Individualized Feedback

Limited class sizes with our staff offering usable and relatable feedback for your students.