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If your groups is an auxiliaries group, please describe the number of participants in each auxiliaries area (drum majors, twirlers, rifles, and flags.

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Please Review our Camp Descriptions and Choose your Camp Type Below:

You may select routines to learn from our summer camp video. We teach two full routines daily. We will also choreograph one custom routine just for your team free of charge. (Contest Choreography would require an additional fee). Our program provides stretching and warm-up exercises, dance technique classes, team building activities and all of the individual/ team awards and special event opportunities offered at regular camp. As an extra bonus, you receive our summer dance camp video with over 60 routines FREE of charge.  .

1-19 students 3 day 1-19 students 4 day
$1660 minimum plus staff travel and
lodging expenses. Quotes based on one instructor
$1860 per student plus staff travel and lodging expenses . Quotes based on one instructor.
20-29 students 3 or 4 day 30+ students 3 or 4 day
Camps of 20-29 students will receive a personal quote based on sending 1 instructor plus travel and lodging expenses* Camps of 30 + students will receive a personal quote based on sending at least 2 instructors including their travel and lodging expenses*

To save money, you may lodge our staff member/s with you or another family in the community. You may elect to lodge the staff in a hotel/motel. It is suggested that you make hotel arrangements for the staff and pay for the lodging bill independently.  Often, area hotels will give you a reduced rate.  For budget reasons, a typical airline bill per staff member will be $350 round trip. MA has an exclusive arrangement with AVIS car rental for instructors. If you want us to provide transportation either driving to your camp or ground transportation once the staff arrives budget about $350 for the rent car. This provides full protection for our staff & other drivers vehicles. Remember rent cars are usually only available to people 23 years old .

You select the music for four custom  team routines  These may be field routines for football, pep rally routines, basketball routines, or competition routines. If competition routines are desired, we will choreograph 3, since they are inherently longer, more difficult, and involve several formation changes. Time permitting, we will include other dances and amenities offered at our regular camp. The cost of this camp is a little more expensive than our semi-custom private because the special choreography requires extra staff salary. The breakdown is as follows:

Camp Type
Full Custom Semi Custom
We plan to host the MA Staff Members in:
In a home In a hotel

How will the staff members be transported from the airport?
Director will pick up staff
A Rental car
With no airport in the area, the staff will need to drive.

A non refundable deposit of $500 will be required 30 days prior to your camp. Please mail the payment to:

MA Camps
PO Box 940605
Plano, TX 75094-0605

Phone: (800) 977-7933 or fax to:(972) 633-9737